W-History Standalone

W-History Standalone

W-History Standalone

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WhatsApp for Gear S3 & Gear S3 Notification Fix

Mayans and Teotihuacan | World History | Khan Academy

WARNING 1: If you purchased the Gear app, you do not need this app!

WARNING 2: The Gear app will not be installed on your watch even if you install this version. There is no way to do that outside of the Gear store. However, this app will still be able to solve your Whatsapp notification issue on your Gear watch. The full suite of this app is $1.49. As you do not have the Gear app, the price of the standalone app is $0.99

Feature you will not get: the offline history viewing feature on your watch.

Features you can use:

- View all incoming messages/history via notifications on your Gear S2 & S3.
- Reply to friends as many times as you want

Credits: icon by Flaticon.

Initial release